Herniated Disc

Get Relief From Painful Herniated Discs

Your spine helps maintain your central nervous system. The spinal discs provide shock absorption, spinal cord protection, and flexibility of your spine. 

When you experience pain from a herniated disc, you can depend on OneHealth Chiropractic Care. 

Evidence-Based Back and Spine Care

Back pain can be painful and unbearable and can be caused due to several issues, including:
  • Herniated disc
  • Muscle spasms
  • Nerve irritation 
  • Joint dysfunction
  • Degenerated disc
Are you experiencing an antalgic lean? Whether it is bent, twisted, or stuck in a certain position, we can help. We'll listen, evaluate, and determine if you're in need of any imaging studies. Our approach to chiropractic medicine is family oriented and evidence based to ensure your family is comfortable.
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Whether you have a herniated disc, compression fracture, or sciatica nerve pain, our team will get it figured out for you! Contact us today for your FREE consultation!

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